How to Monetize on Data and Information? Only 3 weeks left to Telematics Valley’s Conference 2013


Human Changes in Behavior puts New Requirements on Telematics Related Services and Solutions: Listen to how we humans are using the smartphones, tablets, PCs to build our digital images and realize why we have to understand this development when designing services and products.

What is Real Time Worth from a Business Perspective: Most data can be captured but the requirements we have on speed will be followed by cost and quality levels. Understand what the opportunities and challenges are when developing services and solutions that the customers are prepared today for.

Vehicle Industry implements more and more Advanced Electronics in their Products: Learn about the Challenges they face and the Opportunities they see.

Fleet Management Systems Market is Changing when Telematics is Factory Fitted in Trucks: Listen to how FMS solution providers se a potential to improve their services through more and better data.

How can the traffic be more efficient, safer, less polluting and tolled in a fair way: You will get a description of how tomorrows traffic and driving will change and how more systems will interact and exchange data and information to accomplish the changes.

Data is becoming more and more valuable for Service development: Listen to a number of examples how services can be more efficient or increase their value like UBI and Rescue Services.

Big Data or Small Data: Listen to speakers having different perspectives when big or small data is most effective and how the Cloud can support?

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