Locaid Launches Locaid Campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2013 — Locaid announced today at Connections 2013, the Salesforce.com/ExactTarget conference, the launch of Locaid Campaigns™, a location campaign management platform built specifically for brands and enterprises in need of location-driven marketing.  The campaign tools and SDKs are integrated into Locaid’s award-winning Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform.


The new SDKs add another dimension to Locaid’s Omni-Location™ service that gives customers access to any location source for driving consumer engagement, improving operational efficiency and enhancing market intelligence.

Last year location-enabled advertising spending peaked at about 8% of total mobile advertising expenditures and this number is expected to increase to 33% by 2017. But while brands and retailers are investing big bucks in mobile campaigns, they are struggling to optimize the ROI. Locaid Campaigns™ solves this issue. With 97% of purchases occurring locally at brick and mortar stores, Locaid Campaigns™ uses location data to deliver valuable offers and content at the most contextual and actionable time via SMS and mobile apps.

“Location is the must-have enabler for every marketer,” said Jeff Allyn, SVP Sales & Marketing, Locaid.  “Enterprise applications in retail, hospitality, transportation, consumer goods and other industries are increasingly turning to location technologies to improve customer experiences. After embedding our Location-as-a-Service into their campaigns and platforms, our clients consistently see a 20% lift in mobile offer redemption and actions, all because of location. Physical world context is radically changing the mobile marketers playbook.”

Locaid Campaigns™ enables agencies and enterprises to deliver real-time, location-based marketing and consumer behavior intelligence, all via the cloud. Key highlights and benefits include:

  • Helps enterprises strengthen relationships with loyal customers by enabling “right place, right time, right offer” marketing
  • Increases store and venue foot traffic
  • Increases redemption rates with highly personalized offers
  • Gathers contextual insight on shopper redemptions, movements and engagement
  • Links channels by location and behaviors
  • Flexible platform gives users the ability to manage their profile, category interests, and frequency of offers received plus the offers are highly targeted, so opt-out rates are very low

Locaid’s Omni-Location™ SDKs and Campaign Tools

Locaid’s cloud-based location platform and campaign tools make it easy for any brand to create and send hyper-relevant offers, and analyze SMS marketing and push campaigns.

Key features:

  • Locaid Campaigns™ is simple to implement for any size campaign or brand and works seamlessly with any branded iOS or Android application
  • Location technology does not impact user experience or battery life
  • Integrates with legacy and custom marketing business processes and systems via standard APIs
  • Integrates with popular social media platforms such as Facebook to link social and physical world behaviors and actions
  • Leveraging Locaid’s industry leading Location-as-a-Service platform, offers and notifications sent through Locaid Campaigns™ can reach 100% of customers whether they are using a smartphone or feature phone

To find out more about Locaid and Locaid Campaigns™ visit www.loc-aid.com.