Mobile Responder Extends Intergraph’s Industry-Leading I/CAD to Smartphones and Tablets

App provides accurate, real-time information to public safety personnel, improving safety and productivity –  Intergraph® has released Mobile Responder, a new smart phone and tablet application for police, fire and emergency medical personnel. Mobile Responder extends Intergraph’s industry-leading computer-aided dispatch software, I/CAD, to iPhones, iPads and Android devices, a lower cost option for improving safety and productivity.

Mobile Responder provides constant access to I/CAD, enabling public safety personnel to create events, view incident details, receive and acknowledge messages, update status, query databases, and more. With Mobile Responder, field personnel can send and receive accurate, real-time information wherever they go.

“Immediate access to real-time information is critical for first responders,” said Teresa Smith, senior vice president, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. “By extending incident management to the field on smartphones and tablets, Mobile Responder improves the safety of field personnel and the public. Importantly, Mobile Responder can also make public safety agencies more efficient, by reducing dispatcher workload, radio traffic, and the time field personnel spend in the office doing paperwork.”

As a native app, Mobile Responder provides better performance than browser-based solutions by incorporating the device’s capabilities. For example, using the device’s advanced GPS capabilities, it provides dispatchers with real-time location of responders in the field. Mobile Responder also takes advantage of other benefits of smartphones and tablets, such as a smaller form factor for mounting inside vehicles. Mobile Responder can be used independently or in conjunction with Intergraph’s Mobile for Public Safety, a full-featured extension of I/CAD on laptops or Windows 8 mobile devices.

Originally developed in conjunction with New Zealand Police, Mobile Responder has been proven in the field. New Zealand Police, which use I/CAD to protect the entire country, deployed more than 10,000 devices featuring Mobile Responder to 6,500 frontline police. Mobile Responder helps New Zealand Police increase productivity by 30 minutes per shift, which saves 520,000 hours each year and effectively puts 345 more police on the streets. Over 12 years, the mobility project will help New Zealand Police save NZ$300 million.

About Intergraph

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