RAF Museum teams with Wargaming to make use of AR

The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force Museum has announced that it has partnered with game developer Wargaming. Through this new partnership, Wargaming will develop a new augmented reality application for the museum. The application is meant to leverage the power of augmented reality to bring history to life and provide museum visitors with a more engaging experience. The application will be focused on a specific exhibit that will be open to the public beginning October 16 of this year.

Exhibit focuses on Dornier Do17 bomber

The exhibit has to do with a German Dornier Do17 bomber that was recently recovered by the Royal Air Force Museum. The bomber was recovered three miles off the English shore and is a rare find in that part of the world. The Royal Air Force Museum has teamed with other museums and historical organizations from around the world to promote the new exhibit and expects to provide visitors with an engaging and memorable experience.

Application will turn exhibit into augmented reality experience

Through the augmented reality application designed by Wargaming, those visiting the Royal Air Force Museum will be able to see a fully restored, digital representation of the Dornier bomber. The application will include a wealth of information concerning the plane and how it was used in the past. The application will be available for free, but will initially only be accessible to the iOS platform. An Android version of the application will be released shortly after the official launch of the exhibition

Source: mobilecommercePress