Square Technology Group Launches MySocialGPS at Pepcom

Square Technology Group, LLC will launch its MySocialGPS™ at Pepcom Holiday Spectacular West here tonight.  It is the first real-time social navigation app that enables users to find happenings, friends, deals, events and featured places, then communicate, schedule and share through a unified interface… First Real-Time Social Navigation App for Social or Business Activities

Unlike current social networking apps which are singularly focused, the social navigation app combines location-based services, socializing, active messaging, active check-in, social panorama and social planning.  It’s like having a personal social concierge.

“Being social is being active.  Social networking is yesterday’s app. It’s static,” declared Roger Serad, founder and CEO of MySocialGPS. “Social navigation, on the other hand, works in our dynamic world, helps you become active, what we call ‘in the now.’ It integrates social networking with personal interactions. It’s life in motion. As such, it achieves my vision of a simple, singular way for people to enjoy life.”

For example, a visitor at Pepcom might use a smartphone to find a new restaurant or an event, locate colleagues nearby, view their availability, plan a social activity to get together, and send an active message to meet at a location nearby all while socializing in a unified interface. Normally, this would require the user to use a restaurant app, exit, access a location map, exit, access email or IM, exit, access a mapping app, exit, text everybody individually to coordinate plans, exit, then  go to a scheduling app to calendar the event.

Or, the user can simply launch the MySocialGPS app to accomplish all these tasks on a single screen—ending the aggravation of silo apps forever.

The patented technology in MySocialGPS combines social networking with location recognition. As a true context-based social navigation website and app, it solves the challenges posed by planning, coordinating, participating and socializing with friends. It even enables users to upload pictures of the event, creating a virtual diary.

Users can filter through categories to display all activities, friends’ locations, local deals and other events on one screen for an overall view of happenings around them,

Core to MySocialGPS is a concept called the “beacon.”  The multipurpose Beacon is used to locate people, places and things, whether stationary or moving.  Users are able to control privacy and security of their beacon visibility through multiple settings and passwords. To download the free MySocialGPS app, please visit the App Store or the website. (The Android app will be available soon.)

About Square Technology Group LLC
Founded in 2010 in Newport Beach, Calif., Square Technology Group LLC adapts technology to people’s needs. The company’s goal is to develop platforms and apps to enable a simpler and more efficient way for technology to enrich their social lives. MySocialGPS represents the first app to achieve this vision. For further information, visit www.mysocialgps.com.