Greenbox, the first Internet of Things product for home irrigation

Greenbox reinvents garden watering with an innovative and fun-to-use solution that optimizes irrigation, saves money and takes a major leap forward in user experience.TEL AVIV, October 17, 2013 – Greenbox Technologies Ltd. is excited to announce the expected release date of Greenbox, a cloud-based smartphone controlled watering system.

Greenbox brings the Internet of Things to the yard with an innovative and fun-to-use watering solution. It replaces the cumbersome irrigation controllers that do not to take full advantage of today’s technology. Greenbox optimizes garden watering, using location-based weather data, saving up to 50% in outdoor water consumption.

Greenbox applies advanced algorithm in the cloud to determine the watering schedules for the garden. It is simple to setup, simple to control and simple to monitor from anywhere in the world, any time.

Greenbox Technologies believes Greenbox will create a major improvement in user experience and connect the homeowner with his garden.

“Our goal”, says Eyal Dior, Founder & CEO, “is to reinvent the home irrigation experience and bring to the masses access to an intelligent, connected, water-saving product that fosters greener gardens through a simple and fun interface.”

In June, the company closed a pre-seed round led by Kima Ventures and is now preparing for the official launch of the product. The company is now accepting pre-orders at an early bird price of $219. Hundreds of units have already been reserved by early supporters and the company will ship on a first come first served basis.

Pre-orders can be placed through Greenbox’s website: