Google tries to bring business data down to earth with Google Maps Engine Pro

Google Apps for Business is getting a new entry today, in the form of Google Maps. At an event at Google’s San Francisco office, VP of Google Maps Brian McClendon and his team just announced Google Maps Engine Pro, a tool that the company says will let companies of any size help plot any location data they want to Google Maps. At a high level, it lets users import a spreadsheet of data and view it on Google Maps — the company says it’ll be a more intuitive way to make sense of data in relation to real-world surroundings rather than in the columns of a spreadsheet.

Google gave plenty of examples to help make the somewhat abstract concept more clear. Imagine a company had a long list of business leads and addresses for a new region they wanted to enter. Typically, that data could be stored in a spreadsheet or other kind of text-based database, which doesn’t do a lot to help you actually see where you need to go. Google Maps Engine Pro lets users import and plot all of the data contained within onto a map.

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