Addy releases embedded maps widget, but Google is one step ahead

Addy is the sort of startup that people in America might not understand the point of. Users can drop a pin on a map location, add information like apartment number or parking instructions, and then send the map to people via a custom URL. Today Addy released its maps widget option, so businesses can embed the Addy maps they create on their homepage, instead of on a separate page.

In plenty of developing nations around the world there isn’t a standardized address system. I faced this myself when I moved to the United Arab Emirates after undergrad. When trekking around Abu Dhabi, people would give me directions like “hang a left at the Carrefour market and make a right next to the spindly tree. Then go through the roundabout and make your third right when you see the mosque.”

As you might imagine, I got lost frequently, not a fun fate while driving a giant Escalade down tiny Abu Dhabi roads for the family I nannied for.

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