Maps and Apps for Extreme Winter Weather Updates
November 7, 2013 Emergency Response

With the busy travel season and holidays just around the corner you’ll definitely want to be informed about weather and the latest extreme weather forecasts. For mobile device users there’s plenty of fine options, make sure you have a good app and even a local alert system to push updates to your mobile device.

If you’ll be flying, check departure times regularly, particularly just prior to stepping out the door to head to the airport. An easy solution is to google your airline carrier name and flight number to see the latest status report… flight aware is also a fabulous system to use and can save you from wasting time. For iPad users wanting a fun yet useful weather app I’m really digging ClearDay, it’s useful and quite beautiful too! Other mobile apps that are on my MUST HAVE list include WeatherBug and iMap WeatherRadio, the latter providing real-time alerts and pushes the notifications to my device.

Finally, for extreme travel and weather info use from NOAA for the most recent reports and maps and if a drive is in your holiday plans, be sure to consult your Regional or State DOT website and take note of webcams and make use of these.

What apps do you use?


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