AT&T Denver upgrades Sports Authority Field at Mile High in time for the Big Broncos Game
November 14, 2013 Business

Longtime Denver Broncos season-ticket holder and AT&T subscriber Ken Mendelsberg often complains to the team about the lack of coverage at the team’s stadium on game days, a problem that drains the battery on his iPhone because it is constantly searching for service.

“I have to turn my phone off probably midway through the second quarter; otherwise, I’ll just be 100 percent out of juice,” said Mendelsberg, who holds four season tickets in the South Stands and three in the United Club Level. “I write the Broncos a check for upwards of $12,000 a year, and going to the stadium and knowing that you can’t use your phone is unacceptable to me.”

Previously, AT&T subscribers at Broncos home games had to rely on cell towers that cover surrounding neighborhoods, leading to epic network traffic jams on Sunday afternoons.

“Broncos games can’t be ignored,” said Eric Tussey, an AT&T engineer. “We can’t say, ‘We’ll just have eight bad days.'”

Source: Denver Post

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