“Eye Got You Covered” App Turns Smartphones into One-Touch Mobile Personal Security Service
November 15, 2013 Android

Eye Got You Covered, Inc. (EGYC) has just released the debut of its eagerly anticipated new high-tech security camera and emergency notification app. The ‘Eye Got You Covered’ app ( records video and sends alerts to an emergency contact whenever a smartphone owner encounters a dangerous situation.

Eye Got You Covered features a one-touch recording button that enables users to immediately capture footage during an emergency. As soon as the recording function is activated, Eye Got You Covered streams audio and video coverage directly to the smartphone user’s designated emergency contact. The app also uses GPS technology to provide the user’s location.

Marc Dwyer, founder and CEO of EGYC, developed the Eye Got You Covered concept after his daughter left home to go to college. Instead of asking his daughter to call every night to report that she was safe, Dwyer envisioned an app that his daughter could activate if she ever found herself in an unsafe environment.

Dwyer was also touched by the death of Trayvon Martin, who was killed in Dwyer’s adopted home state of Florida. “When I thought about Trayvon, I thought, ‘It could be my own son,'” Dwyer said. “Then it came to me: What if I could use the technology they already have so that I could know when they were in trouble?”

Dwyer grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. His neighborhood, Brownsville, was one of the city’s most unsafe areas. He eventually earned a law degree from the City University of New York. Dwyer’s legal background coupled with his concern for his children’s safety motivated him to design Eye Got You Covered.

For example, when Dwyer practiced as an attorney, he noted that evidence against his clients often consisted solely of the word of another person. Based on that experience, he envisioned multiple applications for Eye Got You Covered. For instance, many students in primary and secondary schools experience bullying, but they don’t always have evidence to use against their abusers. With Eye Got You Covered, students could record interactions with bullies and then provide those recordings to parents, school administrators and law enforcement.

Minorities in the United States are often subject to laws that encourage racial profiling, such as New York City’s controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy. Using Eye Got You Covered, smartphone owners could record profiling incidents along with any incidents in which police used excessive force.

By alerting emergency contacts immediately, Eye Got You Covered can bring first responders to the scene, which has the potential to prevent injury or even loss of life. With Eye Got You Covered, all video and audio recordings are preserved, even when the user’s smartphone is stolen or destroyed. No matter what, a legal record of what happened remains on file.

Eye Got You Covered is available in both the App Store and on Google Play.

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