mrQuery Searches Your Phone, Calls Friends, and Opens Apps in Two Taps

Android: mrQuery makes launching applications, dialing contacts, or just searching as simple as typing the first two letters of the app, person, or item you’re looking for. Type “Gm” and the app will launch Gmail immediately, from any other app or view. It’s like a text launcher for your Android phone.


Once installed, mrQuery waits until you need it, and when you do, it opens over your current app—you don’t have to switch apps or close your running app to use it. Just tap home and mrQuery pops up. Tap home again and you’ll go back to your default launcher. After two letters it’ll immediately go to call a contact with those letters in their name or launch the app name you’re typing. If there’s a conflict, like two names that begin the same, or an app and a name, it’ll display options and you can pick the action you want.

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