Video – iPhone 5s – The new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor

When managing customer identities and personal information, companies have to balance the need to protect customer information with the need to allow customers easy access to their information. Adding more forms of authentication to the sign-in process (such as mother’s maiden name, pet’s name, etc.) provides additional levels of protection, but it’s also another gate customers have to pass through in order to access what they need.
Apple has taken an interesting approach to the privacy and simplicity conundrum with their fingerprint identity sensor and their Knock app, but are those systems enough, and can they truly be trusted to secure sensitive data?
According to Jon Freeman, president and CEO of Mycroft, parent company for XSpectra, a leading identity access management solution, we have to define acceptable standards of privacy that can then guide the way organizations protect and manage user identities. “The technology is there to introduce things like instant mobile payment,” Freeman says. “We’re already seeing it work in other countries, but we need to come to an agreement on what we’re willing to share and what we want kept private and protected before we catch up to where technology can take us.”
Source: XSpectra