ROUTE 66 Navigate 6 navigator for your Android or iPhone

Switzerland, November 20, 2013 – ROUTE 66 today announces the release of ROUTE 66 Navigate 6 for Android and iPhone. With Navigate 6, we break new ground by bringing ROUTE 66’s advanced navigation to iPhone users for the first time.

ROUTE 66 Navigate 6 features:

Smooth, blazingly fast maps. Vector-based, fully scalable and ultra fast.
Online and offline maps. Enjoy maps with or without internet connection.
Search with character. A few characters – in any order – and we’ll find your destination.
Local Search. It’s all about finding accurate and up-to-date destinations. From your local Yellow Pages provider.
Wikipedia on the map. The free encyclopedia.
Weather on the map. Weather has never been more accessible.
3D buildings. Stunning 3D buildings and photorealistic landmarks make navigation so much better.
Automotive quality navigation. We care about correct routes, lane information and speed limits.
Lane guidance. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly which lane to use? Now you can.
Realistic road signs. Road signs in your navigation. Everything that is relevant to you.
Crystal clear instructions. ‘After 300 yards, turn right onto the A3 towards Basingstoke.’
Follow Me. The future is here. Follow Me puts a virtual car on your camera image, which you just have to follow.
Walk. Nietzsche was right. All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.
Speed cameras. Save big on speeding tickets.
HD Traffic. Alternative routes and accurate time of arrival at your fingertips. Save up to 18.5% of your time. Proven.

“With Navigate 6 we are delivering the most easy to use and complete navigation app for Android and iPhone to the market,” said Job van Dijk, Chief Operating Officer. “Everything in this product has been re-designed and re-engineered. When you use Navigate 6 you understand just how simple and easy navigation software can be.  At the same time, we have embedded high-end navigation features such as HD Traffic, which continuously updates the user about reliable alternative routes when travelling through congested areas.”

Availability and Pricing
ROUTE 66 Navigate 6 is available as free download via Google Play and Apple App Store. The application offers free access to maps and comes with a free 30-day worldwide trial that includes Navigation (including Follow Me) and free access to premium services such as Traffic information and Speed cameras. After the 30-day worldwide trial, the end-user can purchase Navigation, Speed cameras and HD Traffic through an in-app purchase. Introduction prices are:
Navigation (perpetual)
– Australia and New Zealand, Europe, North America, South America: EUR 19.99 per region
– One country: EUR 14.99
Speed cameras (1 year)
– Australia and New Zealand, Europe, North America, South America: EUR 14.99 per region
– One country: EUR 9.99
HD Traffic (1 year)
– Australia and New Zealand, Europe, United States and Canada: EUR 14.99 per region
– One country: EUR 9.99″

About ROUTE 66
ROUTE 66 makes apps and software development kits for the world’s largest mobile device manufacturers. Headquartered near Zurich (Switzerland), ROUTE 66 has offices in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia and sells its products and services worldwide. For more information please visit