Dell’s 8-inch Windows tablet makes a big impression

The Venue 8 Pro isn’t flashy, design-wise. The front panel is all glass, with a discreet black bezel and a 1.2 MP camera. The back is black plastic with a 5 MP camera above the trademark Dell logo; the plastic is ribbed, making it easy to hold the device in one hand without fear of dropping it.


But what the Venue 8 Pro lacks in sizzle it makes up for in substance. At just under 400 g (about 14 ounces), with a Bay Trail Atom CPU (Z3740D, to be specific) it’s light, fast, extremely portable, and capable of running for a full day—long enough to keep you entertained and reasonably productive without weighing you down. At $299 (for the 32 GB version) or $349 (for 64 GB), it’s also unlikely to break your budget.