How-To: Start using Maps in OS X Mavericks

Apple has finally implemented a maps app in the OS X platform, and it seems to have been worth the wait. After being noticeably missing from the system, Maps (and iBooks) are helping achieve a greater consistency between the iOS and OS X platforms. After running the free Mavericks update, the Maps app icon will automatically be added to your dock.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the new app for everything from searching for locations to getting turn-by-turn directions set directly to your iPhone. Search for a location by typing its name in the search area at the top right. Taking advantage of auto-fill is a good strategy for this. The location search result will be displayed with a red push-pin icon. Clicking the icon displays the address or location name with an “i” icon to the right of it. Clicking the “i” icon allows you to add the location to contacts, bookmark it, get directions to it, or report a problem with the map. At the top right there is a share icon, which can be used to share the results of the search. The distance from your current location is also displayed.
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