Track family, pets and anything else using Trax GPS

Trax smart GPS tracker is now available to pre-order so you can track your family, pets, or anything else it’ll attach to. Yes your dream of tracking a car like a secret agent can be realised at last.


Trax is a physical GPS tracker that can be seen using a free iOS or Android app. But tracking isn’t all it can do. Say you pop it in your child’s bag while in a park before letting them go off with friends. You can tell them not to leave the park and then setup a virtual geofence on the app – if they go outside that area you will be notified. Then when it comes to finding them the app offers augmented reality so you can see them on the screen through the camera’s view, making walking directly to them easy. Especially as it’s accurate to 1.5 metres.

Trax will also allow you to set speed limits on the tracker. So if you’ve popped one in your child’s car you’ll be notified if they go over the limit you’ve set. And since it’s durable and waterproof, you can even track while swimming – or track your pet no matter where it goes.

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