Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows Tablet Review: A Small Tablet That Can Be a Grown Up P

With 8 inches of Windows 8.1, the Dell Venue 8 Pro is a portable productivity powerhouse. Unlike Microsoft’s own Surface 2, the Dell Venue 8 Pro is both smaller and lighter while at the same time more powerful as it is based on Intel’s x86-based quad-core Atom processor, which allows the tablet to run the full version of Windows, compared to the ARM-based Windows RT power of the Surface 2.


This means that the Venue 8 Pro can theoretically handle more complex games and legacy programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop titles. But does this 8-inch powerhouse have what it takes to replace your laptop while on the go, and does the 8-inch slate come with the versatility to stand in as your desktop PC when you need it? Read on as we find out.

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