Bad Elf Dongle Adds GPS Via Lighting Port

When I ordered a Retina iPad mini, I went for the cellular version – and not only because it means I can get online anywhere without draining my iPhone’s battery by tethering. I got it for the GPS, which is pretty fantastic to have when traveling, especially in the (big) pocket-sized mini.But if you didn’t have the foresight to spend the extra $130 on a cellular, you can now spend that exact same $130 on a dongle that adds GPS through the Lightning port.

The Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector connects to the Lightning port of any modern iOS device, including the iPod Touch, which doesn’t have a native GPS option. Once plugged in you can use any app just like you would if you had a GPS inside the iDevice.

Worried about battery drain? You should be. But at least
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