Hidden Location-Tracking Map Discovered Inside iOS 7

Something pretty interesting, and perhaps a little creepy from FastCompany as they disclose how to discover the “secret” location tracking that your iOS 7 device is doing for you.

secret ios7 location tracking

From the article…

Both iOS 7 and Android (via Google Now) are constantly logging all your locations as a first step in offering useful contextual information about your surroundings. And while it may still seem a bit high on the creepy scale, it can also be really useful to have access to the same location information your phone does.

You’d probably assume that seeing your movements takes a third-party app. Trying to remember where you met up with friends a few nights ago? Maybe you checked in on Foursquare. What day it was when you went to the park? Maybe Moves can tell you. How long was I at the office last week? Perhaps consult your calendar.

But–surprise!–your iPhone running iOS 7 actually gives you access to all this location data, but it’s deeply buried and almost impossible to find unless you’re specifically looking for it

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