Featured Mobile LBS App – BusBuddy

A winning app from a recent hackathon provides a nice solution for those in need of bus data and live feeds from the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – enter Bus Buddy. BusBuddy is an easy to use app that allows users to view bus routes and bus arrival times (both scheduled and predicted) for Ottawa’s OCTranspo system.

You can view all the bus stops for given route either in a list or on the map. You can see where a bus is currently located and what time it is expected to arrive at your stop.

A trip planner is integrated into the app, and is also accessible from Apple Maps, which will automatically launch BusBuddy with the start and end location chosen in the map application.

Yellowpage.ca data is also integrated so that you can search for a business (eg. restaurant) and see which bus routes stop close by.

OpenData sources used

– OCTranspo GTFS data
– OCTranspo next bus arrival API
– OCTranspo travel planner

– Yellowpage.ca

The value it provides to residents

The app makes using the bus system in Ottawa much easier for both regular users and visitors to the city. You can visualize the route a bus will take which takes a lot of the fear out of taking public transit. Using the integrated trip planner, you can easy determine a route back to your hotel using your “current location”.

The ability to see the bus schedule and the predicted bus arrival time, allows bus riders to better plan their trips and reduces the stress of wondering when the bus is going to arrive.

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