Version2 Of Pay By Phone Parking App For The City Of Alexandria, Virginia Launch
December 6, 2013 Software

Neil Edwards, president of PangoUSA, the company that invented the first mobile parking payment app of its kind, announced that Version2 of Pango will launch in the U.S. in the City of Alexandria, Virginia, on December 9, 2013.  Pango Version2 has streamlined features and provides new data to assist registered users in finding parking availability and the best prices not only in Alexandria but across the country.

Alexandria will be the first locality in Virginia to provide Pango as an alternative to the current on-street parking pay station kiosks.  Over 1 million parking transactions occur annually in Alexandria with credit cards being used for approximately 76 percent of the transactions.

“We are thrilled to release the new version of the Pango app to drivers in the City of Alexandria.   Pango relieves drivers of the stress of hunting for parking spaces and makes paying, and tracking their payments, as easy as one click,” stated Edwards.

According to Edwards, “There are no other parking payment apps that provide the data content that Pango does with Version2.  The app shows parking locations in over 100 cities. We know that Pango is providing thorough information in quick and easy technology that brings parking into the 21st Century.”

Three key points of difference in Pango Version2 are:
1.    Parking Locater
Pango provides parking locations in over 100 cities and in 19,000 garages.
2.    One Click Pay
Pango’s Version2 can ascertain the cars location based on GPS, and with one click the parking meter can be started.
     3.     Pricing and Coupons
Pango provides the lowest prices to drivers and municipalities to operate the app and it provides parking coupons to registered users.

As part of Alexandria’s launch, PangoUSA will provide two hours of free parking for new users on the system. During the busy holiday season in New York City, Imperial Garages, the largest privately owned garage company in New York City, is providing a 25% discount to Pango users.

Today, Pango operates in 47 cities worldwide, serving more than 1 million active accounts and is available in the U.S. in New York City; Auburn, New York; Latrobe and Scranton, PA; Phoenix, AZ, and Towson, MD.

Pango partnered with Best Parking to provide data content on Version2. And to ensure quick and seamless payment, record keeping and security, Pango has hardware integration partnerships with Duncan, Cale, Federal ADP, Scheidt and Bachman, Amano Ticketech and Genetec’s. Pango has an open, secure API that allows for easy integration with third party services and hardware. Security, privacy and consumer data protection were paramount in the design of the Pango system.

As the company that invented the science behind the first pay-by-phone parking app, Pango was awarded US Patent (5,940,481) in 1997.  Pango is one of the only companies in the world to provide on-street, gated, valet, event, and fleet-based parking services through an app.

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