LIFTTT for iOS and Android – incorporate location triggers into your IFTTT recipes

Something very awesome for you IFTTT fans, a new location trigger that you cook into your recipes thanks to LIFTTT. This via theNextWeb… Visual Candy, the developer behind auto-Foursquare app Uber Checkin, has released a new app for tracking your location, this time through automation service IFTTT.

Source: TheNextWeb

LIFTTT, which is launching today for iOS and Android, stands for “Location + If This, Then That.” The app gets around IFTTT’s lack of location support by sending out emails to activate a recipe when triggered. The free app lets you set up one location trigger, but you’ll need to pay $2.99 to unlock unlimited triggers.

From within the app, you can tell LIFTTT whether to activate when you arrive or leave a location, specify the distance buffer for your triggers, set a delay or gap and block out active time periods and days.

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