Content and Apps for Automotive USA 2013: Day One

Telematics Update journalists have been on the ground at Content & Apps for Automotive USA 2013. There’s been a lot to take in so we’ve summed up all the key takeaways so you don’t miss a trick. On day one we found out that app mania continues unabated in the automotive sector and business models remain murky.

From the event…

On day one of Content and Apps for Automotive USA 2013, Susan Kuchinskas finds that, while app mania continues unabated in the automotive sector, business models remain murky.

As time goes by, the fundamental questions for the telematics industry remain the same: What are the right apps and content for the car? How can the auto industry be more like the consumer electronics industry? And who makes money how?

These questions all were in play on day one of Content and Apps for Automotive USA 2013, a two-day Telematics Update conference in San Francisco this week.

Shorter development cycles, please!

For example, the idea that automakers and tier 1s need to shorten their development cycles has been discussed for years. And it appeared far from resolved.

Matt Jones, senior technical specialist – infotainment, Jaguar Land Rover, said his company is looking to Linux to speed up app development. According to him, Jaguar Land Rover has been able to integrate a test product into a Land Rover in just three weeks, thanks to automotive-grade Linux.

But Andy Gryc, automotive product marketing manager for QNX, said that embedded software – and hardware, for that matter – can only go so far. “Rapidly iterating technologies will be best served by the device brought into the car,” he said.

“Things will naturally categorize themselves into rapidly innovating technologies naturally served through bringing a mobile into the car,” he said, adding that MirrorLink might be one way to integrate the phone experience. “Another subset will directly interface into the car via HTML5. There will be a split. You can’t just make the problem go away.”

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