Nokia’s Android smartphone is set for 2014 release

An interesting and huge announcement as it appears that Nokia’s plans for a much anticipated Android OS smartphone seem to be progressing – hopefully we may see such a device come to market early in 2014!

The Nokia Android smartphone! Source: ExtremeTech

The Nokia Android smartphone! Source: ExtremeTech

This From ExtremeTech…

According to a recent and fairly reliable source, Nokia is preparing to launch an Android-powered smartphone in 2014. Judging by the latest leaked images, Nokia’s Android phone — code named Normandy — will look just like a Windows Phone Lumia, with Nokia’s customary colorful polycarbonate unibody shell, but without the capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset business expected to be finalized in early 2014, this is a rather curious move.

For the last few years, there has been a persistent rumor that Nokia is developing an Android phone. Before Windows Phone came along, Nokia was reportedly working on an Android smartphone. Then, even though Microsoft paid a huge amount of money to have Nokia produce Windows Phones, the company was still reportedly working on Android versions of the Lumia range. Nokia was apparently very frustrated with Microsoft’s lackadaisical efforts to push Windows Phone to lower price points — a market sector where Nokia has historically excelled — and saw Android as a good way to produce cheap low- and mid-range handsets.

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