SnapOne, Inc. Launches Snap FamilySafe for Android and iOS
December 21, 2013 Android

SnapOne, Inc., a leading developer of cloud-based consumer security and safety applications, announced today the launch of Snap FamilySafe™ for Android and iOS devices. Snap FamilySafe™ is a cloud application that allows parents to protect and monitor family members and an unlimited number of registered devices with a broad range of security features.

“There’s a real need for an application that secures entire families, including children and elderly parents,” said Jiren Parikh, president and CEO of SnapOne, Inc. “Being able to use your device as a tool for keeping your family safe is a major step in technology and for parents.”

Snap FamilySafe’s features protect devices, data and importantly, families. Key features include instant Family Locator, Tracking and Footprints for checking on family member whereabouts, including last known path of travel and location; Driver Safety monitoring to prevent distracted driving accidents; Safety Zones for managing and controlling family activity by location and movement within specific geographical zones with instant alerts on movement into or out of a specific zone; Call and Text Monitoring; and Panic Button for alerting public safety officials, friends and family when you feel your safety is at risk. Snap FamilySafe™ also includes Bitdefender anti-virus for Android – rated #1 by PC Magazine; remote device locate; lock and wipe data if your device is lost or stolen; and SIM guardian that prevents anyone from using a new SIM to hijack your device.

Snap FamilySafe™ is especially relevant in light of a recent Common Sense Media study that shows that children in the US are using smartphones and other mobile devices more frequently than ever. Device use has doubled from 2011 to 2013 and the number of families who own at least one device is at an all-time high. With Snap FamilySafe™, parents can leverage this high use of technology to keep their loved ones protected.

Additionally, the National Safety Council reports that texting while driving causes more than 1.5 million accidents each year, and a 2012 Forbes article noted that 11 teens die every day due to distracted driving while browsing or texting with a mobile device. Snap FamilySafe’s Driver Safety feature notifies parents when their child is texting, calling or browsing the internet while driving. Snap FamilySafe™  addresses these modern day threats and more.

Snap FamilySafe™ is an individual application available online at and in select retail stores throughout North America.  Snap FamilySafe™ is the company’s second cloud service to be offered in retail stores, following the October 2013 launch of the Snap One™  cloud application suite in phone and electronics retailers including authorized AT&T, Verizon and Sprint independent retailers.

Snap FamilySafe™ is currently available for download on Android and iOS devices and is scheduled to be released on Windows Phone 8 in the coming months.  Subscribers can add up to six family members and unlimited devices on one plan.

Snap FamilySafe™ is also available for bundling and co-marketing worldwide with mobile devices and data plans, and financial and family safety products and services.

For more information about Snap FamilySafe™, please visit

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