Gary Gale Bids Farewell Ovi, Nokia And HERE; It’s Time To Open The Next Door

Long time location technology professional, Gary gale, has said goodbye to Nokia and left hos role as Director of Global Community Programs – he’s moving on to new challenges and exciting times, his first stop will be a stint with start-up, Lokku – we share Gary’s farewell blog post…

gary gale

Gary Gale

Sometimes you can extend that timescale; when reaching your achievement target is so so close and you can be happy to stretch those timescales a little. Sometimes though this just doesn’t work, not necessarily for any reason of your own making. Large companies are strange beasts and a strategic move which is right for the company may not align with your own targets and ideals.

In 2010, I left the Geo Technologies group at Yahoo! and departed from a very Californian large company to take up a new role with a very Finnish large company called Nokia. Though Nokia started life as the merger between a paper mill operation, a rubber company and a cable company in the mid 1800′s, by the time I joined Nokia it was best known for mobile and smart phone handsets and the software that makes these ubiquitous black mirrors work.

Continue reading on Gary’s blog – you can find him on Twitter @vicchi