Smart Fall Warner: iHelp Helps the Elderly Up with Technology

XI’AN, China, Jan. 2, 2014 — Every family with an elderly member worries about that person falling down in an accident outside. Indeed, with the increase of age, organ functions in the human body decline and the resistance and adaptability to the external environment weakens. Falling down is the first cause of the injury and death among the elderly aged 65 and above, so we very concerned about health and safety of the elderly.

The world is turning into an aging society. It is estimated that in 2012, the world’s population of over 60-years-old reached 830 million. By 2025, this same group will reach 1.121 billion. By 2050, the number of senior citizens over 60 will be nearly 2 billion, or 20 percent of the total population. The aging population rose from 42 million to 205 million in Africa, from 338 million to 1.227 billion in Asia, 148 million to 221 million in Europe, from 96 million to 300 million in Americas. By 2150, one-third of the world’s population is expected to step into his or her sixtieth year.

Xi’an Chinastar M&C Ltd. shows you a wearable IOTS security product for aged people — the iHelp Fall Warner.

Main Functions:

  1. Voice prompting when falling down and automatic warning through SMS
  2. One-touch keys to send SMS and voice messages in emergency situations
  3. GPS and LBS
  4. Voice call with one button
  5. Medical alert
  6. SMS check for owner’s status
  7. Friendly reminder at the appointed time
  8. SMS reminder when the battery runs low
  9. SMS reminder when switching on
  10. Automatically powers down when not in use

This product is very suitable for old people who live alone, families with elderly members, or dementia patients.

Elderly people can wear the iHelp Warner around the waists, and if they fall down, the iHelp Warner will automatically send out an alert to the children or guardian over the phone. At the same time, if the wearer feels unwell or encounters other emergencies, they can press the Control Button to make a call. When an old person is lost, children can send queries to the iHelp Warner, and they will know the location of the wearer. Meanwhile, when the elderly are unwell and need medication, they can turn on the Medical alert, and the iHelp will remind the elderly to take their medicine on time and recover as soon as possible. Parents’ health is the greatest blessing for their children.

According to the study, falls commonly lead to death and disability, and one of the important reasons is a delayed rescue, which affects treatment. If an elderly falls, but is rescued at the first time, the mortality rate can be reduced by at least half, greatly minimizing the incidence of disability in the elderly. iHelp Warner can sound timely alarms automatically in emergency situations to obtain the best rescue time, helping the elderly spend their remaining years in safety.