GPS gadgets let you track your kid, elderly loved one or car

We’ve all seen news alerts for missing senior citizens. Sometimes those have a happy outcome, and other times they don’t. I’m sure parents of kids with special needs also live with the worry that their child might wander off and get lost. The devices we’re looking at today could help folks find their missing loved ones, but they aren’t cheap or effortless to useI’m talking about portable GPS tracking devices that can be attached to a key ring or worn on a chain. I suppose if you have a big enough issue with pets running off, they could be used on your dog’s collar. We’ve all seen commercials that feature a senior citizen who has fallen and needs help. Think of these gadgets like that help button, but they work from almost anywhere. GPS tracking devices have long been used by secret agents in the movies and in real life, but until recently, they’ve been too big and too expensive to appeal to the public.

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