The Colorblind Tubemap for iOS and Android

Here’s a clever app that’s built on one of London’s most iconic maps, the London Tube map. But, this app has a spin on it, the maps are served up in a number of ways, using cartographic enhancements and color variations in order to be more usable to those with vision issues such as color blindness. The app was developed by 323 studios and was announced as a winner in the TFL accessible app competition.

colorbllind tube map

About the App (Google Play) – London underground map redesigned for easier viewing by people with all forms of colourblindness, and other vision impairments such as cataracts, loss of contrast sensitivity and hyperopia. If you have difficulty using the tube map, either in print or in other apps, this could be the answer.

– Official licensed London tube map, modified with permission from TFL
– Designed for and tested with people with a range of vision impairments
– Combination of colour and pattern for colourblindness
– Selection of different maps for other vision impairments, with optimisations such as increased contrast, inversion, and reduced glare
– Large detailed maps that allow a high level of zoom
– Simple easy to use interface with no fiddly multi-touch gestures
– Choice of text size

See Google Play, iTunes store