Fulcrum Mobile Data Collection App Adds More New Features and Functionality
January 14, 2014 TOP Blog

The crew at Spatial Networks has continued to work on the Fulcrum mobile app (Think mobile data collection), most recently releasing version 2.0 for iPad and iPhone (See more here) . Recently, the team described some of the very cool functionality that users can leverage by spatial filtering and searching data with Fulcrum’s web dashboard (where administrators or managers can login, create or edit their apps for deployment).

Search, filter, and sort

This from the team… In addition to the current data management dashboard features, allowing you to browse your data on a map, table, or split/combined view, we just added a few other big improvements to make data review, QA, and field service management tools even more powerful.

 Continue reading more about Fulcrum’s web dashboard HERE

You can keep tabs on Fulcrum via Twitter @FulcrumApp

About fulcrumApp:

Fulcrum is a data collection tool for web and Android that allows you to design data collection forms and conduct field data collection from your mobile device. Go to the Fulcrum website to sign up for an account and create your own custom data collection apps.  From asset management and inventory to environmental information or accident reports, Fulcrum can collect anything, exactly the way you want, with automatically embedded GPS coordinates

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