TowerJazz and MAPS Launch First Resonant Wireless Power Transfer (Rx Chip) for Mobile Devices

TowerJazz and MAPS Launch First Resonant Wireless Power Transfer (Rx Chip) for Mobile Devices; New Paradigm Enables Charging at Much Greater Distances – Worldwide revenues from wireless power devices to exceed $15B by 2020; systems based on resonant wireless power transfer to account for more than 80% of total market.

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel & GYEONGGI-DO, South Korea–TowerJazz,       the global specialty foundry leader, and MAPS Inc. (Mixed Analog Power       Solution), a provider of mobile, lighting and automotive ICs, today       announced collaboration on the launch of the first resonant wireless       power transfer (WPT) receiver Chip(Rx) for mobile products which       integrates high efficiency full active rectifier (FAR) technology and       enables wireless charging at a distance which is cutting-edge in the       market. Resonance wireless power transfer offers greater distances       between coils versus inductive charging, which requires tight coupling       between transmitter and receiver. Wireless charging is a breakthrough in       the mobile communications and computing devices infrastructure arena.       MAPS expects mass production to begin in Q2 2014, targeting the giant       mobile, portable and computing market in Korea as well as worldwide.

“Wireless       Power Conversion and Wireless Power Charging.”

Korea’s mobile market is one of the strongest in the world. MAPS, as a       local fabless company, has a high potential to be dominant in the       wireless charging market as the trend moves from inductive to resonant.       A recent report from Pike Research estimates that worldwide revenues       from wireless power devices will exceed $15 billion by 2020, and that       systems based on highly resonant wireless power transfer will account       for more than 80% of the total market.

MAPS’ exclusive technology, combined with TowerJazz’s 0.18um       Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process, enabled the first successful resonant       wireless power transfer (WPT) product in the market. Although inductive       WPT was already introduced by others, the resonant type that MAPS has       developed using TowerJazz’s BCD process is a first of its kind and       offers wireless power charging at greater distances than ever before.

TowerJazz’s 0.18um BCD process combines high-density digital CMOS,       embedded non-volatile memory, and area-efficient high voltage devices       with a sophisticated design kit that allows the optimization of       performance and die size and enables the fast introduction of innovative       and cost-effective products. The process design kit (PDK) includes       accurate analog models with Monte Carlo statistical capability showing dispersion       of products so customers can tune and optimize their designs, enabling       higher performance and smaller size, in the shortest time frame.       Moreover, TowerJazz’s diverse process options such as metal combination,       high value resistors and stacked high-density MIM capacitors further       allow customers to optimize their products and offer the required       performance in the minimum die size.

“TowerJazz’s support, based on our strategic partnership, contributed to       the success of our technology development. This offering is significant       for both MAPS and TowerJazz as it is the leading product in the market       that can possibly bring big production volume in the near future,” said       Shin Hyunick, Chief Executive Officer of MAPS.

“We are excited that MAPS was successful using our 0.18um BCD process to       launch, in a very short time frame, its resonant wireless power transfer       as the first in the market. We will continually work closely with MAPS       to support mass production of the product. Moreover, as MAPS has diverse       roadmaps in addition to mobile products, we expect our capabilities can       support upcoming projects in other areas as well and bring about a       win-win result,” said Michael Song, Vice President of Sales and       President of TowerJazz Korea.


MAPS is currently sampling the product to various smartphone and battery       manufacturers and is working on system co-development. The current       charging efficiency of the receiver IC (Rx) is over 80%.

About MAPS

MAPS Inc. (Mixed Analog Power Solution) is a start-up company in Korea,       established in May, 2012. MAPS Inc. provides mobile, lighting and       automotive solutions through new technology development and invents       dependable silicon solutions, especially in Mixed-Analog Power       Management ICs. The main focus of MAPS Inc. is to develop “Wireless       Power Conversion and Wireless Power Charging.” Despite their short       business history, MAPS Inc. has already released the prototype of an       Rx(receiver) chip with full active rectifier for wireless power transfer       in magnetic resonance (A4WP). In addition, evaluation of the product is       underway now with top mobile companies.

About TowerJazz

Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (NASDAQ: TSEM, TASE: TSEM), its fully owned       U.S. subsidiary Jazz Semiconductor Ltd., and its fully owned Japanese       subsidiary TowerJazz Japan, Ltd., operate collectively under the brand       name TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader. TowerJazz       manufactures integrated circuits, offering a broad range of customizable       process technologies including: SiGe, BiCMOS, Mixed-Signal/CMOS, RFCMOS,       CMOS Image Sensor, Power Management (BCD), and MEMS capabilities.       TowerJazz also provides a world-class design enablement platform that       enables a quick and accurate design cycle. In addition, TowerJazz       provides (TOPS) Transfer Optimization and development Process Services       to IDMs and fabless companies that need to expand capacity. TowerJazz       offers multi-fab sourcing with two manufacturing facilities in Israel,       one in the U.S., and one in Japan. For more information, please visit