Dev Tip – Suggested Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools and Resources

Some handy resources for developers interested in creating apps for the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem have recently been shared via the Canadian OpenData Experience Coding Resources portal. The following resources and materials are handy for any mobile developer or anyone who’s just interested in hacking some OpenData.

Open source 3D engine using C# and the .NET framework. Provides full support for DirectX, OpenGL and XNA on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Axiom 3D Game templates to help you get started

A simple screen manager template done by Microsoft themselves. Perfect starting point for any Windows Phone project.

This is a basic physics tutorial. Involves gravity, collision detection as well as using the accelerometer in the device.

Tutorial for utilizing hold, drag, tap, flick, and pinch gestures for Windows Phone

Tile based RPG tutorial. Useful for tile based designs, basic AI, collision and exposing XML files

Windows Phone app store submission guidelines

Windows Phone Training Course

An extended version of the Box2D.XNA port. Fully featured physics engine for use on WP7 projects.