Nominate your company for a 2014 Telematics Update Award
January 23, 2014 Business

It’s time to submit your nomination for the 2014 Telematics Update Awards.  The awards define the pace of innovation across the global telematics market and recognize the successes of both large and small companies dedicated to connectivity. 

Previous winners, Livio, can attest:

“It’s awesome to have industry wide recognition through Telematics Update. Livio, as a former start-up, now acquired by Ford, shows with great products and great promotion, entrepreneurs can continue to chase the American dream.”  Jake Sigal, CEO, Livio Radio

Nominate your company here:

The deadline is Friday 15th March.

Click through each of our 12 categories to see which are most suitable for your business.

You can nominate for multiple categories, but we recommend you tailor each nomination to each category. We also suggest not to nominate for more than 4 categories.

Select a category to find out more:

  1. Best Telematics Product or Service Launch in an Emerging Market (BRIC Region)
  2. Best Insurance Telematics Product or Service Launch
  3. Global OEM Infotainment Solution Award
  4. Best Telematics Service Provider Award
  5. Best Telematics Content Aggregator Award
  6. Best Aftermarket Device or Solution Award
  7. Best Telematics Safety & Security Technology Award
  8. Best Telematics Service or Solution for Commercial Vehicle Award
  9. Best Navigation Solution or Product Award
  10. Best Automotive Application Award
  11. 2013/14 Industry Newcomer Award
  12. Telematics Leadership Award (individual) *

Make sure to complete your nomination by Friday 14th March.

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