Weryoo App Maps Shared Photos So You Can See And Interact With The World

Weryoo there? See the world and embark on a global conversation by viewing and discussing photos of people, places, fashion and friends captured on the Weryoo map. LONDON, NEW YORK, and SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 22, 2014  — Out of beta today, Weryoo is a photo-sharing app that brings the world to your iPhone. Automatic geo-location allows users from New York to Paris to show and share what they are doing and where, sparking conversations with friends and soon-to-be-friends. Whether you’re a foodie, a jet setter, a book lover, a techie or just love sharing your life through photos, Weryoo allows you to share and discuss the secrets of your city and memorable moments with the world.

“People have become obsessed with sharing photos with each other and we thought it would be great to give users a way to share photos that capture the time and the place on an actual map while allowing the users to engage with each other directly. Imagine a global map that showed you all the cool stuff happening around the world, and allowed you to discuss, engage and travel through time with it: that’s Weryoo,” said Chris Foulston, Co-founder of Weryoo. “We are excited to introduce Weryoo and give users a new way to share and talk about their lives, whether it be through events, travel, food, hobbies, with loved ones or with the new friends you just haven’t met yet.

Weryoo brings life from your neighborhood and cities around the world into the palm of your hand by mapping exactly where a photo was taken (so you can find that restaurant everyone’s raving about) and enabling a dialogue. Looking for a worthy restaurant? Check out #Bourdainwashere or #NYCRestaurants within the app on your phone. Interested in a little New York City street fashion? Check out #NYCStyle and you’ll be in the know in no time. Sight-seeing in Seattle? Check out #SeattleTour to decide what sights to see and which to skip. Need a little eye-candy on your lunch break? Let #art, #streetart and #mancandy light up your lids – these are just a few of the trending topics to check out.

Weryoo not only takes photo sharing to a new level, it elevates your photos by providing a set of advanced editing tools that range from focus and brightness to contrast and saturation adjustment.

“Weryoo is one of my favorite camera apps. I push it to the limit! I shoot 25-50 pics in an hour and it handles great. Within seconds my edit is complete & uploaded. The people I meet with the app are always impressed with the quality and want their photo ASAP,” said Gigi Stoll, a professional photographer. “I would never have expected such detail focused tools on an iPhone application. I love what I’m able to do with my photos within the app. I mainly shoot street style in the streets of New York but recently took it to Italy & shot hundreds of images. Next up is a shoot in Kenya & Weryoo will be in my front pocket.”

Weryoo makes discovering interesting and relevant photos easy by highlighting the most popular photos and the photos near a user’s physical location. Users can also search for photos by time and location allowing them to find older photos from events that have already passed.

To make the sharing experience easy and keep the dialogue going on multiple platforms, Weryoo even provides a web link to share photos from the app directly onto your other networks.


Pricing and Availability
Weryoo is free and available immediately for iOS from iTunes.

About Weryoo
Weryoo, a photo sharing application, connects people and photos using locations and commentary. Based in London and started in late 2012, Weryoo was started by a small eclectic group with one thing in common – sharing their lives through entertaining photos and commentary. The way people interact is always changing and Weryoo strives to keep users entertained and connected in a visually innovative, interactive and creative way.

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