bSafe app lets you build social safety networks to stay safer

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 24, 2014 — bSafe has already saved lives and prevented attacks. Today the personal safety app re-launches with an all-free offering making premium features previously offered at $20/yr free for all.

The bSafe personal safety app launched fall of 2011, and quickly became one the most downloaded safety apps on both iPhone and Android. Starting today bSafe will be made free to everyone. The new interactive interface now enables users to build their own social personal safety networks with selected friends and family, share live locations and help increase each other’s safety by the use of features such as Follow Me, I’m Here and the Guardian Alert in case of emergency.

Safety Is A Global Concern

“Personal safety is a concern everywhere,” says Silje Vallestad, founder and Chief Safety Officer in bSafe. “Everyday there are stories about sexual assaults and attacks, and especially women are expressing concern about their own safety. There have been horrible crimes reported in all corners of the world, and this is affecting how we live, think and act.”

Pepper Sprays and other traditional personal safety tools are fast becoming lifestyles accessories. Mace® Security International recently reported that consumer sales of pepper guns and defense sprays grew 63 percent in 2013 (

“bSafe represent the new world of safety tools,” explains Vallestad. “By installing an app on your smartphone and setting up your personal safety network, you increase your personal safety. It’s fast, free and easy, and with bSafe you have the ultimate safety tool with you wherever you go!”

Hollywood celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith recently invested in bSafe after her daughter Willow started using the app. She quickly realized the impact bSafe could have through not only keeping young people safe, but all people. “Who would have thought that a tiny device like the mobile phone we all carry can be used as a weapon,” Jada says. “bSafe is an innovative safety service that can easily be used by anyone. Users can ask for help, provide important information about their location and preserve evidence through video recordings with one click on their mobile phone. Everyone needs a service like this.”

The Ultimate Safety Tool

bSafe is not only a service for women. It’s a service developed for everyone. “Parents are always concerned about the safety of their own children – no matter how old they are – and at some point they start worrying about the safety of their own parents. Even if men tend to be less worried than women about attacks, many worry about accidents when biking alone, and some have health issues. Lone workers often feel vulnerable in certain work situations, and companies are concerned about the safety of their employees – both on and off work hours. bSafe works in all these situations, and with the new social safety network it even helps people stay more social,” says Vallestad.

When developing bSafe founder Silje Vallestad set out to develop the ultimate safety tool for both emergency situations and everyday safety. bSafe offers both an advanced safety alarm that sets off a siren, gathers evidence with video recording, broadcasts location and notifies people immediately with the touch of one button, as well as a full range of everyday safety services useful for a night out, jogging alone or simply keeping your closest ones informed of your whereabouts.


About Bipper

Bipper was founded in 2008 by Silje Vallestad with the mission of giving people peace of mind by transforming mobile phones into safety devices.

To build the company internationally, Vallestad relocated with her family to Silicon Valley Summer 2012. Shortly thereafter, she was approached by Hollywood star Jada Pinkett Smith, who has since been involved as an investor and ambassador for bSafe.

Founder Silje Vallestad was recently honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and made the Top 20 Nordic Business Thinkers list for 2014.

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