Foursquare For Business Owners – Add Your Business Hours And More

Now, managers and owners of business listings can use the foursquare dashboard (provided they “own” their listing) to add details hours of operation to their listing, providing users who checkin with even more useful information at their finger tips… very nice!

From the foursquare blog… You’ll even see specific times, like happy hour, kitchen hours, or free admission hours at museums.

To do this business owners  can update information via their venue information page. they simply login (or claim ownership first) then click through the dashboard and edit the business hours values. According to the instructions, a bulk utility is coming for managers who maintain multiple venues. See detailed instructions HERE

For venue owners, detailed information for managing your listing can be found on this support page

Note: Like social media in general, businesses are still trying to figure out why social media, why foursquare and how to capitalize on it and leverage the apps and services into $$. From my perspective, business owners, at the very least, need to take over ownership of their information and listings and providing accurate information about their business to the users. Foursquare (and other social apps) offer tools and analytics to business owners and these need to be used. By taking over ownership of your listing the owner can ensure that the information provided to customers is accurate and current, they can offer special offers and time sensitive information, and perhaps most important, they can access important and useful statistics about customers who checkin and even engage with them! Get Started at

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Source: Business Hours Now on Foursquare

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