1 Trillion Trackers Blocked By DoNotTrackMe Users Show Online Privacy Is Booming

DoNotTrackMe, the most popular online privacy tool, reaches major milestone leading up to Data Privacy Day – user community stops more than 1 trillion attempts to track their browsing — Abine, the leader in online privacy, announces that its popular tracker-blocking tool, DoNotTrackMe, has helped its users block over 1 trillion attempts to track their browsing. This milestone highlights the massive increase of web tracking, government surveillance, and data breaches.

DoNotTrackMe is available for free at www.abine.com. Free features stop companies from tracking both your browsing and your personal email address.

Fast Facts:

  • February 2012: DoNotTrackMe launched
  • July 2012: 100 million tracking attempts blocked
  • January 2013: 1 billion tracking attempts blocked
  • January 2014: 1 trillion tracking attempts blocked

“Companies continue to secretly track and collect more and more data about us every day online,” said Rob Shavell, Abine co-founder and CEO. “Data breaches have become a daily reality as evidenced by Target, Neiman Marcus, Adobe, Facebook, LivingSocial, and many others. The easy way to avoid being a victim of the next big data breach is to stop giving out your personal information. DoNotTrackMe 3.0 helps you do that effortlessly.”

How DoNotTrackMe 3.0 works:

  • Adds a layer of anonymity. Prevents companies from tracking your browsing and shopping behavior, such as sites visited, products viewed, and items purchased.
  • Stops spam email. Makes it easy to register for websites without providing a personal email address.
  • Protects shoppers. Protects your credit card number from data breaches, untrustworthy merchants, and hackers.

DoNotTrackMe’s free tool is available at www.abine.com. Premium features, including credit card protection and a private phone number, are available for $5 per month.

About Abine
More than ten million consumers have used Abine’s innovative and easy-to-use online privacy solutions. With proven tools, Abine enables people to both benefit from the web and retain control over their personal information. Abine is backed by premier venture capital firms Atlas Venture and General Catalyst Partners. Abine: Online Privacy Starts Here™. Abine.com.