Hometalk Launches New Mobile Platform

NEW YORK, NY (February 3, 2014)—Hometalk—the largest home and garden social network on the web—today unveiled a new mobile site, streamlined to accommodate tablet and smartphone preferences for its dedicated audience of nearly three million unique monthly visitors. The new mobile platform coincides with a consecutive three-month growth period for Hometalk between October and December of 2013, in which visits and page views on the site more than tripled – jumping from 5 million pages views in October 2013 to 22 million in December 2013

With one-third of the site’s overall traffic accessed through mobile devices, Hometalk’s new platform enhances the consumer experience by allowing users to easily post photos, videos, questions and answers, and more. Feedback functionality is also easier and faster, as experts and professionals can insert photos or videos into their comments to help illustrate their advice and suggestions. Mobile users now have instant community feedback on projects or questions they may have.

The new mobile platform concurs with a consecutive three-month growth period for Hometalk. Between October and December 2013 visits on the site more than doubled—jumping from 2 million visits in October 2013 to over 4 million in December 2013.

“As our site continues to enjoy staggering growth, it is evident that consumers are intent on gaining inspiration and ideas for home DIY and renovation projects from the thousands of consumers who regularly access Hometalk,” said Yaron Ben Shaul, co-founder of Hometalk.  “Our new mobile platform allows for even deeper engagement, providing our growing base of on-the-go users easy access to great content whenever and wherever they are. Whether you are looking for home decoration ideas or simple tips to better organize your home, this upgraded site offers valuable community feedback and answers within minutes”

To join the community and view Hometalk’s latest mobile version, visit Hometalk.com.




About Hometalk

Hometalk is the largest home and garden social network on the web. Launched in 2011, the site is frequented by millions of homeowners and professionals not only to gain knowledge and inspiration from the myriad of projects with step-by-step tutorials and photos, but also for the unique ability to ask any home-related question and get great answers in real time. Hometalk takes the guesswork out of home improvement, allowing users to make informed decisions and complete more projects around their homes with confidence. Professionals use the site’s transparent platform to showcase their expertise and share knowledge and DIY techniques. Homeowners use Hometalk dually as a search engine and a forum to access unbiased, credible information, referrals and advice from both professionals and other experienced homeowners. Visit www.hometalk.com for more information, or check out Hometalk on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.