Interactive workshop on latest ‘Internet of Things’ trends

Spotlight on emerging next steps for standards developers – Geneva, 05 February 2014 – ITU invites media to attend a full-day workshop on Internet of Things – Trends and Challenges in Standardization, to be held on 18 February at its headquarters in Geneva. The event will also be audiocast (live and archived) for media unable to attend in person.

The event aims to facilitate the global expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) through a better understanding of trends, including standardization needs. Results will inform the drafting of the future technical standards (ITU-T Recommendations) that will be fundamental to the smooth operation of networks potentially supporting billions of interconnected devices.

As well as examining the status of IoT and machine-to-machine communication (M2M) standardization initiatives across other standards developing organizations (SDOs), the event will report on progress of related standards and protocol development in the research and open-source communities.

The event will incorporate exhibits from industry, government, research institutes and academia. STMicroelectronics will showcase its Smart Home concept, and EPFL its OpenIOT project. Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications (NICT) will display its medical body area network, and there will be an exhibit from Yokosuka Telecom Research Park (YRP). In addition, Daniel Faulk, representing new ITU-T member SAP, will deliver a keynote presentation on Internet of Things, Creating new Opportunities for the Enterprise.

What: Internet of Things – Trends and Challenges in Standardization
When: 09:00-19:00, 18 February 2014
Where: ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
Audiocast (live and archived) accessible at:
Why: To gain insight into the thinking of key players in IoT development
Who: Open to media and all interested parties; managers and engineers working with IoT applications, service providers and policy and standards makers.