Athlete Selfies, Putin, Opening Ceremonies – 10 Awesome Photos on the Social Map From the Sochi Olympics

The eyes of the World are now fixed on Sochi Russia. For most of us the sheer volume of data, information and media is staggering to say the least. For fans and onlookers photos are the most amazing way to enjoy events like the Olympics from afar.

Athletes, reporters, locals, and attendees of the games are sharing tweets, Instagram photos, foursquare checkins, videos, Pinterest Pins and more, many of them offering amazing and up close views from Sochi that you simply could never experience unless you were there.

A favorite way for us to enjoy the games (besides live streaming the awesome video from the major online news sources) is to explore Sochi, the athletes viallge, and the Olympic venues on the social map using Echosec. We’ve found and shared some great finds and hope you can locate some great images for yourself. Note, you can browse the Olympic Village for yourself starting HERE on the Echosec social map

The following are 10 Awesome Photos from Sochi found on the social map:



photos from Sochi winter olympics

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