Syntonic Wireless Launches Cloud-Based Connected Services Platform

SEATTLE –February 21, 2014 Syntonic Wireless, Inc., an emerging leader in enabling innovative business models for monetizing content access on mobile devices, today announces the release of its core technology: the Syntonic Connected Service Platform (CSP). The Syntonic CSP is an open and extensible platform for delivering connected content to any mobile computing device without requiring modifications to the content, application, or the device.

As an alternative or complement to end-user data plans, Syntonic’s platform enables anyone in the mobile value chain (i.e., mobile operators, device manufacturers, content publishers, application developers, enterprise solution providers, and others) to sponsor and/or sell connected services to their mobile customers.

“In one scenario, for example, our platform can allow tablet owners to finally realize the full potential of their hardware investment by enabling anytime/anywhere access to their favorite content without a data plan,” said Syntonic Wireless CEO Gary S. Greenbaum. “The Syntonic CSP allows operators to offer alternative access models and reach new mobile users, thereby enabling incremental revenue streams above and beyond traditional data plans. The viability of our company’s vision is reinforced by AT&T’s recently announced AT&T Sponsored Data program and by other significant deployments upcoming in FY14 using the Syntonic Connected Services Platform.”


Syntonic’s platform provides a plethora of new consumer and commercial revenue opportunities, including for:


  • Content publishers and application developers, who can now capture additional consumer surfaces for monetizing their content through ads, “freemium” upsell, or premium offers.


  • The distribution channel (i.e., device manufacturers, retailers, auto manufactures and mobile operators), which can now compete on high-margin differentiated content services.


  • Enterprise IT departments, which can now deploy a cost-effective solution for enhancing mobile workforce productivity with anytime/anywhere access to LOB resources via enterprise issued devices as well as BYOD.


  • School districts, that can now bridge the “Digital Divide” by making it affordable to provide all students anytime/anywhere access to curriculum-approved applications and content on their school-subsidized tablets.


  • Healthcare providers, which can now remotely access out-patient diagnostic and monitoring information securely while reducing the patient and insurance cost burden.


About Syntonic Wireless, Inc.

The Syntonic Connected Services Platform couples content and connectivity to enable connected content for consumers and mobile workers. This unique coupling enables new revenue opportunities for those in the delivery value-chain, e.g. content publishers, application developers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, etc. As a cloud-based service, the Syntonic solution targets any network, application and mobile computing device without requiring any modifications. For more information on how Syntonic Wireless can enhance your business, please contact: