The VoiceMail Episode 87 – Mobile World Congress 2014 Roundup from Stefan and James
February 27, 2014 Blog

Didn’t make it to MWC this year? No worries as Stefan and James have dedicated a recent edition of “The voice Mail” entirely to MWC. Listen to the guys as they discuss the Sony Z2, Galaxy S5, Nokia’s play into the Android space and much more.. great stuff here and well worth 40+ minutes of your time!

From the VoiceMail… Nokia went Android, Samsung went limp, Sony went awesome, and a whole lot more. James and Stefan usually keep the show at no longer than 30 minutes, but an exception had to be made to cover the mobile industry’s largest trade show. Also, make sure to watch this YouTube video explaining Project Tango, because it’s impossible to do this technological achievement justice using just words.


[Episode 087, 41 minutes, 52 seconds, 38.3 MB]

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