It’s Now OK To Use GPS On Your Phone In California

Rejoice, rejoice, people who have ever used a map! For it is now legal to use said map on that little device that is the new repository for all maps, your cell phone, in California. A court decision just made it legal to use Google Maps or whatever, just as long as you’re not talking on the phone.Steven R. Spriggs was the poor sap who was pulled over back in in January 2012, for “using his cell phone,” despite only using it to look for an exit while stationary in a traffic jam. I’ll let the LA Times explain the original facts of the case: Something out his left window startled him. It was California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer Jack Graham, motioning to him to pull over. “He said, ‘Pull over, I’m going to write you a ticket for using your cellphone,'” Spriggs told me Tuesday. Graham cited Spriggs for driving a motor vehicle while using a wireless telephone. Not talking on a wireless phone. Not texting on wireless phone. But using the phone.

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