Dubai’s indigenous trees get GPS monitors

The move – part of this year’s 34th Plantation Week – is intended to preserve trees and is being carried out by the municipality’s horticulture department. The trees will be monitored via a GPS system. The project was launched on Sunday by Hussain Lootah, the director general of the civic body.Mr Lootah attended the event at which the first few trees were numbered, in Zabeel 1. It was one of several Plantation Week activities, which included the opening of several school gardens. “This year the civic body decided to start with a unique project, which is numbering all types of traditional trees including Ghaf, Qarad, Atal, Sidr, Samar, Lathb and Rolla, with the aim to collect all data about these trees and keep its complete record digitally,” Mr Lootah said.

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