LIVR – The Social Network You Can Only Access When Drunk

An interesting resource shared via DesignTaxi – LIVR – it works in tandem with a plug-in breathalyzer. It is founded by Kyle Addison and Avery Platz

From DesignTaxi…  Blow into the breathalyzer, and you are granted access to LIVR if you register a high blood alcohol level. Once you have logged onto the app, you are connected with other users of LIVR in the unique social network.

LIVR allows you to access crowdsourced party games, see where other users are in proximity to you on a map, drunk dial someone, and so on.

Not forgetting to protect your privacy, LIVR also has a Blackout feature that erases all trace of the night in an instant.

See more details at DesignTaxi