Senzari Officially Opens MusicGraph’s “Graph API” to the Public at the SXSW Music Hackathon Championship
March 12, 2014 AroundtheWeb

AUSTIN, Texas — As an official API sponsor of the first annual SXSW Music Hackathon Championship, Senzari® will publicly open MusicGraph to all developers wishing to tap into the world’s most extensive repository of musical knowledge. Developers that incorporate MusicGraph into their applications will be able to easily add Graph Search and Playlisting features to their apps via the respective APIs, as well as incorporate powerful lyrical data and social metrics into their services by leveraging the newly released Music Data API.

“After a few months of working closely with several partners to test the API in a private beta, we couldn’t think of a better way to open MusicGrah’s doors to the public than to do it during SXSW’s first-ever Music Hackathon,” explained Demian Bellumio, COO of Senzari. “It is a very interesting time in the music data space, and we believe that our ambitious vision for the future of MusicGraph will allow for tremendous innovation opportunities for developers and data scientists interested in pushing the boundaries of digital music experiences,” added Bellumio.

New capabilities being unveiled for the first time at the Hackathon include the integration of lyrical features into the Graph Search API. For example, you can now easily execute complex graph searches involving lyrics like: “Songs by Coldplay from the last decade that mention the word love,” or “Songs by Shakira in Spanish from the 90s,” both of which are not possible to execute on any of the leading music platforms or search engines. In addition, under the Music Data API, it is now possible to access lyrical features of millions of songs, as well as detailed social and play metrics from hundreds of thousands of artists across the world’s leading digital destinations such as Twitter, Facebook and Vevo.

“We are very curious to see how developers will utilize MusicGraph to develop new digital music applications that leverage the full power of our data and algorithms,” commented Bill Hajjar, CEO of Senzari. “In addition, given the recent consolidation in the space, we are excited about the interest from leading providers that are now looking to explore fresher and more innovative approaches to their music intelligence needs.”

All developers interested in learning more and signing up for free access to the MusicGraph API can visit today.  –()

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