Navitel Navigator 8.7 for Android OS

Navitel Navigator 8.7 with updated services is now available for Android device users.

What’s new in Navitel Navigator 8.7:

• Groups in the Navitel.Friends service
A new tool for creation of groups has been added to the Navitel.Friends service. Users of the service can now create new groups and join existing ones (for example, family, colleagues, etc.), invite friends and exchange messages with other group members. Upon creation of a group it is possible to set the access option: every user can enter an open group; access to a closed group is granted by the owner of the group; hidden groups can be seen by people outside the group only if they have received an invitation from its owner.

• New visualization of road lanes
Road lane signs have become more informative, and a new larger widget has made it easier for the user to see the sign, which is important for timely changing of lanes for the upcoming maneuver.

• New settings for the SPEEDCAM service
Now you can select the types of SPEEDCAMS, which you want to see in the map, and of which you want to be informed.

• Address search and search of nearest places is now even faster.
• An error causing program malfunction on some devices after exiting the program was eliminated.
• Use of the device memory was optimized.
• Other minor changes were made to the program, increasing its reliability.

Do not forget that the latest versions of Navitel Navigator provide map subscription, which allows purchase of maps for a shorter limited period, which is especially convenient and efficient for those who go on a journey. You can purchase maps for two weeks, four weeks or a year.  The subscription can be renewed after its expiration.

To download Navitel Navigator 8.7 for Android proceed to the Downloads section of the official NAVITEL® website. You can as well download the update from Google Play application store.

For new users 30-day trial mode of the program is available. WWW: