Google’s Android Wear’s secret sauce: The cloud
March 19, 2014 Android

Google on Tuesday outlined its developer preview for Android Wear with an aim to power smartwatches and other wearable devices. But the real secret sauce of Android Wear may be the ability to bridge multiple screens via its cloud infrastructure.In a blog post, Android chief Sundar Pichai outlined Android Wear. The move was telegraphed at SXSW and CNET had reported the effort months before.

The positives for Android Wear are the following:

  • An ecosystem that includes the likes of Intel, Samsung, Fossil, HTC, Motorola and LG to name a few. We’ll put aside the fact that only Fossil knows how to make a fashionable watch at the moment.
  • Health monitoring applications.
  • A familiar Google Now approach to accessing information and voice requests started by “OK Google.”
  • A series of watches to launch this year.
  • Google’s approach revolves more around information delivery across multiple screens.

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