SimpleDeal App Launches Indiegogo Campaign with Goal to Save the U.S. Restaurant Industry

Mobile app SimpleDeal, announced today the successful launch of their nationally targeted SimpleDeal Indiegogo Campaign, ( ) .  New Mobile App Shoots for $100,000 Funding Goal Enabling Diners to Point and Shoot Their Smart Phones for Immediate Dining Deals The app successfully launched in Long Beach California for iOS, and is now steadily disseminating to other US cities. When searching for a restaurant to dine at app users can simply point their phone at any restaurant of choice and simply tap to show that restaurants deals and offerings for that day.

The SimpleDeal Indiegogo Campaign will run for the duration of 60 days with a fundraising goal of $100,000 that will enable the SimpleDeal team to further develop the app for Android devices, enhance the restaurant portal to enable restaurants ways to provide a better experience for consumers, and build out user-centric features within the app so that consumers can be rewarded for supporting restaurants. Supporters are able to contribute to the campaign in varying amounts from $1 for a thank you, to $20 for a Smiley T Shirt, and fun packages like “Pass the Love” for $75 where your favorite restaurant is listed on the platform free for 3 months.  Additional fun and innovative offerings within the Indiegogo campaign include $175 to “Snuggle with Smiley” as a Plush, or $10,000 as a game changing “City Sponsor” where the contribution will pay for all the restaurants within their chosen city to be listed on the platform free for 3 months.

“SimpleDeal is made for the small guys. The restaurant industry is the second largest industry within the US and 70% of it is made up of small business owners who only own one restaurant, which means it’s their livelihood.” States SimpleDeal App Founder and CEO James McKinney. “Restaurants cannot afford to throw their profits away after they are forced to discount them. Our app promotes community and small business growth.”

The SimpleDeal App is 100% free to users. Participating restaurants have a fee of $39.00 per month to list with the app with the ability to load in as many deals as they would like and change out deals daily. SimpleDeal does not hit restaurant profit margins by taking a chunk of sales or force restaurants to discount their food.

For information on the SimpleDeal App Indiegogo Campaign visit . For media inquiries email or call 877.841.7244.

About SimpleDeal

SimpleDeal is a mobile app launched by Founder and CEO James McKinney in January 2014. The mobile app enables restaurants to reach people as they are in the process of making their buying decisions by using their phones to point and show an immediate deal powered by the phones GPS. SimpleDeal is available for iOS with immediate national expansion plans.